Lease Default Letter

Landlord Station Lease Default Letter

When a tenant occupying residential real estate that you manage is late on his or her rent, it is necessary to send a lease default letter prior to filing an eviction notice. When you prepare a rental default letter to tenant, it must contain certain facts, and you should always attach a copy of the Lease Agreement to the letter. has prepared the following default on lease agreement letter that you can use as a template. It is recommended that you send your lease default notice by certified mail with return receipt requested so that you have proof of service for the court, if necessary.


Date of Notice:

Tenant Name(s):

Address of Leased Premises:




This Notice of Default is in reference to the Lease Agreement dated [DATE OF ORIGINAL LEASE AGREEMENT] that is attached to this notice and made a part hereof by reference.

Be advised that as of [DATE], you are in DEFAULT IN YOUR PAYMENT OF RENT in the amount of [AMOUNT] . Payment MUST be made in cash or certified bank draft to Landlord at the address shown below.

If this breach of lease of not corrected and payment received by Landlord within [NUMBER] days of the date of this notice, we will take further action to protect our rights under the Lease Agreement, which may include termination of the Lease Agreement and filing of an EVICTION ACTION and COLLECTION PROCEEDINGS.

This Notice is made under all applicable laws. All of the rights of the Landlord and Property Owner are reserved under this Notice.

Landlord or Owner Signature(s):

Landlord or Owner Name(s):


Landlord Telephone:

Landlord Address:

Be sure to keep copies of this lease default letter and records of the tenant’s response for your records.

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