Lease Renewal Letter

Landlord Station has sample lease renewal letters with tips for keeping the tenants you enjoy.

Lease renewal letter sampleWhen a lease agreement is coming to an end, the landlord must decide whether to renew the lease or not. If a tenant has been a good performer, has paid the rent on time and kept the property in good condition, you will probably want to renew the lease. Sending a lease renewal letter prior to the expiration of the lease is a great way to ensure continuous performance on the lease. offers a variety of forms, including a lease renewal form, that you can use as a guide for making your own landlord forms. It is generally suggested that a lease renewal agreement be attached to the residential lease renewal form that is sent.

The following is a sample lease renewal letter. If you want to renew the existing lease for an additional year, attach the new lease, with a copy for the tenant, to this lease renewal form.

This form is a guide for your convenience and is not a legal document.


Date (put date renewal notice is sent here)

From: (name, address and telephone of Landlord)

To: (name and address of each tenant named on the lease)

Re: Property located at (address of rental property)

The lease on the referenced property will expire at midnight on (date lease expires). You are a valued tenant. Because of this we would like to enter into a new lease on the referenced property for a term of (term you want, usually one year). A Lease Agreement for the additional (term of lease) is attached to this Notice, along with a copy for your records.

All of the terms of the original lease remain in effect with the exception of: (put any changes here) and you will find that change on Page (fill this in) of the Lease Agreement. The rental amount of (insert amount of rent) will remain the same (if rental amount changes, insert the new rental amount here). Your security deposit in the amount of (insert amount here) and the pet deposit of, if applicable, (insert amount here) will remain the same. (If you want additional deposits, state the additional amount you want here and state why you want an additional deposit).

If you decide to renew your lease with us, please sign the lease and initial each page. Each tenant must sign on the line provided and initial as requested. Your new lease must be returned to (insert name of landlord here) at the address above within 30 days of the expiration of the original lease or by (insert the date here) as provided in your original lease.

If you decide not to renew your lease, please give us notice of non-renewal as provided by law on or before the (give date that lease states – usually 30 days prior to the date the lease expires).

This lease renewal form is intended to assist you and in no way alters or supersedes any part of your current lease agreement. We hope we may continue to keep you as a tenant. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the telephone number provided above.

(Signature of Landlord goes here)

As a landlord, you are not required to give notice of a lease expiration date and obtain a new lease; however, the lease will revert to a month-to-month lease if you do not.

It is generally considered good business practice to send this lease renewal letter and the new residential lease renewal form to the tenant sixty days prior to the end of the lease. This gives your tenants ample reminder about their upcoming lease termination date and gives you the most notice possible should your tenant elect to move out.

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