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If an applicant for a rental property states that they have pets, it is important for the landlord to gather as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. The following is a Pet Application Form for rental. You can use this form as is, or make changes as you deem necessary. offers a variety of forms pertaining to pet rental issues in our Landlord Forms section. The following is a Pet Application Form that can be used in the application process for the rental property.

Remember that a service animal as defined Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the term "pet" excludes a service, guide, signal or support animal used by Tenant because of any physical handicap, or because the Tenant is a handler or trainer of support or guide animals. By law, you can obtain information about a service animal, but you cannot use any of the information to deny the applicant.

The ADA defines "service animal" as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. A "pet" is defined as any animal, whether mammal, reptile, bird, fish rodent or insect. The term "pet" excludes a service animal.


The Applicant listed below hereby requests to house the following pet(s) in the rental property located at (property address).

Name of Applicant/Pet Owner: (name all of the applicants that will be named on the lease)

Applicant Telephone Number: (phone number here)

Please provide the information below for EACH animal that will be housed on the property:

1: Is animal a certified service animal as defined by the ADA or a pet?

2: Name of animal:

3: Type of animal: (dog, cat, bird, etc.)

4: Animal’s age and weight:

5: Is animal spayed or neutered?

6: Are the animal’s vaccinations current?

7: Name, address and telephone of veterinarian:

8: Is the animal licensed (if required by law)? If so, what is license number?

9: Has animal ever caused injury to others or been the subject of a lawsuit? If so, please give details of the incident(s).

10: Do you have renter’s insurance that covers damage and/or liability for your pet? If not, would you be willing to obtain pet insurance coverage?

11: Name of Renter’s Insurance Carrier:

Policy Number:

Company or Agent Telephone Number:

12: Pet’s emergency contact information:


Telephone Number:

The undersigned Applicant(s) state(s) the following:

I have been given a copy of the Pet Agreement/Addendum for the referenced property and have been informed of all policies, deposits, fees and other charges associated with being allowed to have the above described pet(s) on the property. I understand that I am responsible for the control of my pet(s) at all times. I also understand that if my pet should be outside the premises unleashed or in any other way pose a threat to the health, safety or quiet enjoyment of neighbors, or if the health of my pet should be an issue that the Landlord has the right to use whatever means necessary to remedy the situation, including applicable authorities.

Signature of Pet Owner(s) and Date:

Attach photo of pet(s) here:

As the landlord, you can modify this Pet Application to add any items you wish, or to remove any items you want. Get free access to our website where you can join the conversation with our community of independent landlords and property managers to share ideas and experiences about tenants who own pets. In addition to this Pet Application form for rental, we also have a Pet Agreement and Addendum form to use when the tenant actually signs the lease. offers the best information and services for a variety of issues that landlords deal with on a daily basis.

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