Real Estate Multiple Listing Service

Real Estate Multiple Listing Service

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When you list a property with, you receive a variety of benefits including our real estate multiple listing service. Today, research shows that as a trend, tenants search with internet based real estate multiple listing services during their hunt for a new residence. Let us put your multiple real estate listings on the premier high traffic rental websites and increase your chances of finding the quality tenants you want.

Simple Listings Tool

We push listings out to all of the major real estate rental property sites for you. Just submit the information needed and we will submit your real estate multiple listings to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, Oodle, Yahoo Real Estate Vast and many others. This premier online real estate multiple listing service will ensure that your property gets noticed by the right people.

The Perfect Format

Every real estate listing service has its own form and prefers your information in a particular format. Therefore, each rental that is pushed out through our multi-listing service tool is delivered in the correct format that makes your marketing message clear and readable. You can be confident that your listings will communicate the same sales copy across all of the websites that are part of our service. Do not guess at filling out forms; let us help you submit things correctly and efficiently.

Save Time, Save Money

Of course, you can go to each real estate multiple listing service and enter the information manually for each property if you choose, but will list properties for you so that you are free to do other things. Whether you are a landlord or a property manager, you can reduce time, effort and paperwork by using our real estate listing service features and benefits. Avoid the tedious process of searching for marketing sites that list real estate rentals, filling out forms and listing your properties one by one on each site. Instead, let us help you save time and money.

More Traffic & Viewings

Our real estate multiple listings specifically target the type of tenant you want to attract. We use our multi-listing service as part of our comprehensive package of services that makes your job easier and less stressful. Whether you are using our real estate multiple listing service for one property or for multiple properties, you are sure to be happy with the amount and traffic and views you receive for your properties.

Do you have questions about our real estate multiple listing service? The friendly and knowledgeable customer assistants are available to help you with any questions you may have about our multi-listing service so that you have the best possible experience.

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