Rental Application offers rental application tips to get valuable information from your prospective tenants in order to choose a great tenant.

A rental application is used to gather information on each applicant that wants to live in the rental property you own or manage. A rental application form should be completed and signed by every person who intends to live in the property. For example, it is recommended that a husband and wife each complete a rental agreement form. provides questions for tenant screening that can be incorporated into your rental application form. Use the rental application form to gather information for the rental agreement form. Basic information that should be listed in your rental application includes the address of the property and a brief description of the property. Include the information in your rental application form pertaining to rental length and the specific amount of monthly rental. This addition will help you vet out any potential issues with these terms in advance.

A rental application should contain a detailed description of the deposits for the property. The first deposit that should be listed in your rental application form is the security deposit or damage deposit. Often this deposit is the same as one month’s rental amount and is returned to the renter if no damage is done to the property. Note that normal wear and tear does not count. If you allow pets, the second deposit to mention is a pet deposit. In most states you can ask for an application deposit on your rental application template, which you can make refundable if you choose. The tenant screening fee can be set out in your rental application as a non-refundable expense in some states. If you do this however, you must supply your prospective tenant with a receipt.

An important component of a rental application is ascertaining the permission of the prospective tenant, in writing, for the tenant screening. provides tenant credit check that includes credit score report and a criminal background check.

On your rental application form, you can ask for the prospective tenant’s date of birth, social security number, description of any pets, current address, date the prospective tenant moved into their current address and the reason for leaving. In addition, ask for the name, address and phone of their current landlord. You can also ask for the same information for each of their previous addresses for up to the past 3 years.

Additional rental application information includes employment information. Your rental application template and ask whether potential tenant is employed full time, part time or unemployed. Ask for the name of the employer, the dates of employment, the supervisor’s name and telephone number and the salary of the applicant. To complete the application, you can ask the tenant to supply previous pay stubs.

You can ask for banking information, including account numbers on a rental application in most states. This can be especially useful information in the event that you have to collect money from the tenant at any point. Always get an emergency contact name, relationship, address and telephone. In addition to using this information in the event of an emergency, it is useful information to have if your tenant skips out while owing you rent.

Your rental application should include the make, model, year and license plate number of any car that will be parked at the property. You can add questions including whether the prospective tenant has declared bankruptcy in the past 7 years, has ever been evicted from a rental residence, has had two or more late rental payments in the past year or has ever willfully refused to pay rent when due. Asking these questions and then comparing them to your tenant screening report can give you an idea of how honest/organized your prospective tenant is compared to other participants.

Leave a space on your rental application form for a receipt of deposits and an authorization to release information for investigation of credit, tenant history, banking and employment history for the purpose of renting property.

You can find more rental application template information at Our tenant screening procedure is the most comprehensive you will find. After you obtain your completed rental application form, you will also have everything you need to complete your rental agreement form. has a variety of things put in place to assist you.

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