Rental Inspection Checklist

Landlord Station Rental Inspection Checklist

Landlord Station wants you to know that as a landlord or property manager, you are responsible for providing a clean and well-maintained unit to each tenant. Easily prove your compliance by filling out a rental inspection checklist with your lessee on the day of move-in. When your tenant vacates the apartment, home, condo, or other property, they may leave behind damages that you must repair. In order to keep a legal record of the original condition of the property upon a new tenant’s arrival, you should provide each tenant with a rental property inspection checklist to complete.

This list is a practical solution to protect you, and your tenant, from being responsible for damage that you (or her or she) did not cause. It is usually composed of a room-by-room, itemized outline where a tenant can note any problems or damage at the time of move-in. For instance, a door frame may be dented, an electrical outlet may not be functioning, or the floor may have a mark on it. Most standard leases include some type of rental property inspection checklist to protect both the landlord and the tenant. Ideally, before the tenant completes his or her rental inspection checklist, you should complete your own for the sake of comparison.

When you insist that each tenant completes your legally-sound condition of rental property checklist and signs it, you are protected from future repair issues. For instance, if you discover costly damages to a property after a tenant has moved out, you can take action to hold the tenant financially responsible. Examples of expensive damages you may not want to be responsible for include ruined carpets, broken light fixtures, gouged tiling, and punctured sheetrock. Without a condition of rental property checklist, however, the renter may claim that the damage was already present when he or she moved into the unit.

In addition to providing an accurate account of the unit’s condition upon move-in, a rental inspection checklist will inform the tenant that you are aware of the extent of present damages. It will also outline the legality of the signed form to the tenant. Also, when a lessee immediately completes the rental property inspection checklist upon moving in, you can compare notes and thus be informed of any existing issues that need immediate repair to prevent further damage. Using a legally-binding rental property move-in checklist in this manner could potentially save you thousands in repair costs by providing you with signed proof that certain damage did not exist when the tenant moved in.

Save yourself the legal headache and steep costs of fighting a former tenant for damage compensation. A condition of rental property checklist will give you firm legal standing that will make it difficult for a tenant to dispute your request for repair costs. Your tenants will also have peace of mind and feel confident that they will not be charged for pre-existing damages. By successfully keeping a rental inspection checklist on file for every unit, you can make the process smoother for both you and your tenants. You can obtain a legally sound checklist through an attorney, or purchase one right here at Landlord Station. However, if you decide to do one on your own, always make sure it has been reviewed by an experienced, licensed law practitioner.

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