OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATroublesome tenants are every landlord's worse nightmare. When you first list your property for rent you do so in hopes of find the best tenant possible. This would be a tenant that pays rent on time, keeps the property and home neat, and promptly alerts you of any maintenance that needs to be handled. With proper screening and follow up with prior landlords and other references you will increase the likelihood of landing one of these great tenants, but there are times when people look better on paper than they turn out to be in reality.

When this happens you may need to take steps to either make sure the tenant obeys the rules that they agreed to when they signed the lease or have them leave the property. Either of these can be easier said than done. If the infraction is something that can be handled without an eviction and the tenant has a good record with you up until that point, it's often best to go head and try to reconcile with them. If you are able to it can save you the headache and the money you'll be out with an eviction.

Sometimes evictions are unavoidable. If the tenant simply will not abide by the rules or has gotten so far behind in rent that they have no hopes of catching up, it may be time to take that route. If you do then it's best to make sure that you understand all the local laws that pertain to it so that you do not inadvertently break the law. Often the process is very detailed and you must follow it to the letter or begin again, often losing more money than you might have if done correctly the first time.

Some landlords collect some truly crazy stories from some of their most bizarre renters. Check out some of those here.
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