phone4Some tenants communicate well and others do not, but as the landlord or manager of a rental property you should always make sure that your communication lines are open. This will need to start on the first day. When you choose an applicant to rent your property from you it is best to sit down with them at the lease signing and go over the most important rules with them. It's always good to highlight these so that they cannot claim ignorance later on.

As you see a wider variety of tenants move through your properties you'll get a better feel for rules that are needed. It's always better to add them to the list rather than leave it to chance. Should it be obvious that no illegal activity is allowed on the premise of the rental? Absolutely, though it should still be communicated. If it's written down and provided to the tenant in an accessible manner it may help you if worse comes to worse and you are required to evict them for something.

Communicating with your tenant isn't limited to simply telling them what you expect them to abide by while living in the property that you own. It's a two way street. You'll want to always be open to what they need and live up to expectations as the landlord.

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