3 Ways to Handle High-Maintenance Clients

Real estate agents have, if they have been in the business any time at all, all come across those high-maintenance clients. There are a few options with these, depending on if the agent is willing to work with them or not. Some simply are not and will refer these clients out to an agent with more time, but if they are willing, there are a few things that will make it easier to handle more high-maintenance clients.

One way to avoid panicked calls from clients that tend towards high-maintenance is to block out a short time period every day, every other day, or whatever works best for you, so that you may speak with them. That way they will have a regularity to communications that should help to put them at ease. Another option, perhaps to be added with and not instead of the first, is to make sure that the client knows they're being heard. Even if you disagree, beware of the language used so that they do not feel brushed off and ignored. If you disagree with something they're saying, acknowledge their worries, but explain in detail why it might be another way. Once you get to know them, try to head off their questions. When they know that the things that mean the most to them also mean the most to you, it will put their worries at ease.

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POSTED November 07 2013 1:31 PM

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