Smartphones these days can be all kinds of things, from personal assistants to sophisticated business management tools. If you carry an Android phone with you, then you'll need these apps to turn your device into a high-powered mobile office.

1. Google Now
You may know this as "the thing my phone keeps trying to authorize every time I use Google." Google Now can be a little insistent about elbowing its way into your life, but it will change your life when you start using it. A personal assistant app, Google Now is spookily intelligent about organizing your life, pulling together information from a number of sources and figuring out when you need directions, appointment reminders, and even live sports results (it's not all business). Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
Pre-installed on most Android devices; Introductory website here.

2. Encircle
If the thought of compiling an inventory fills you with dread, then you probably haven't used Encircle. The concept is quite simple: instead of walking around with a clipboard, you just take a photo of every item in the property. The real beauty of Encircle is when you log into the website later on. From there, you'll find all of your item photos nicely organized, and you can tag them, add notes, and easily compile written inventories. Best of all, you'll now have photos of everything on the inventory, so your tenant won't be able to say "it was like that when I get here" at the end of the lease.
Download free from Google Play; visit the app's website here.

3. Homestyler
If you're looking to spruce up one of your properties, then Homestyle is an absolute must-have. Take a photo of a room on your smartphone or tablet, and the app will create a 3D model that you can manipulate. You can then browse a catalog of real furniture, fittings and light fixtures, and seamlessly add them to your model, showing you exactly how everything would look. Incredibly useful when you're getting ready to redecorate, and more than a little cool even if you're not.
Download free from Google Play; visit the app's website here.

4. HandyMan Calculator
This calculator app is a little less impressive-looking than the others, but can be just as much of a lifesaver in certain circumstances. It stores hundreds of common calculations required on all kinds of jobs that need to be done now and then around a property, from converting metric to imperial, to working out the air conditioning power required for each room, to calculating the required amount of building materials, such as concrete. Whenever a repair or improvement is needed in a property, this is a great app to have on hand.
Download free from Google Play.

5. Trulia
One of the prestige real estate apps on Android,Trulia is a great way of monitoring the rental market in your area. Search results are presented on a map which scrolls and zooms smoothly, allowing you to get an extremely clear view of current market prices and how many properties are currently unoccupied. Whether you want to expand your portfolio or are just thinking about upping the rent, this is the app for you.
Download free from Google Play; visit the app's website here.

POSTED March 31 2015 10:07 AM

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