iPhones can be immensely useful for helping to run any business, and property management is no exception. Within the App Store, you'll find tools to help you organize your day, perform essential management tasks and get the best out of the properties you own. Let's take a look at five apps every landlord should have installed on their iOS device to make the job easier.

1. 24Me
If you can't afford to hire your own personal assistant, don't worry! Your iPhone or iPad can be the next best thing, and there are several personal assistant apps available. Siri, which comes built into iOS, is a great start, but 24Me is better for those trying to run a business. It has an intelligent system for taking your notes and to-do lists, no matter how jumbled, and transforming them into a nice, neat schedule with regular reminders and automated tasks. It'll make sure you're always on top of everything, and you can even set it to look after personal matters, such as sending birthday greetings to your Facebook friends.

2. Inventory Pro
Inventory Pro aims to take the hassle out of inventory management with a simple interface that allows you to quickly itemize everything, and a star rating system that's a handy way to record the current condition of each object. Everything is backed up to the cloud and accessible through the app's website, and it also provides some advanced features such as the ability to create your own inventory templates and generate regular summaries.

3. Happy Inspector
Happy Inspector is an app that makes your property inspections less of a chore, and it adds an air of professionalism to this important tenant-relations process. Checklists for the property inspection can be managed centrally from the app's website, allowing you to apply your own branding to reports and store the inspection results online. You simply need to take your iPhone or iPad to the inspection with you, where you can record each detail with a single tap. At the end, you can even record an electronic signature from the tenant, giving the whole process an officially verified touch.

4. Home 3D
An invaluable aid if you're planning on making changes to your property, Home 3D lets you create a model of your property, and then play around with its layout. Want to see how it would look with the couch by the window, or with curtains instead of blinds? How about building a conservatory or adding an extra floor? You can go wild with this app, and experiment with your property as much as you like without disturbing the tenants.

5. Porch
You'll occasionally need to get hold of a plumber, electrician or other handyman on short notice, and that's where this app comes in. Porch offers a full directory of professionals in the area, and then gives you the chance to rate them. This allows you to look through the list and see who's the best, and who to avoid.

Those are just a few of the best iOS apps for landlords, and should form a pretty useful part of any landlord's mobile toolkit. If you've found an app that's made your life easier, be sure to head over to the LandlordStation community and share your hot tips!


POSTED March 24 2015 1:12 PM

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