5 Resolutions That May Mean More Commissions

Things appear to be looking up for the real estate industry in 2014, so you'll want to make sure that you're ready for it. Many people make resolutions at the New Year, so why not focus yours towards bringing in more commissions in the coming year than you did in 2013?

Resolution one: Your marketing plan should be results-based. It should be more than just a list of new tools and gadgets that you think you might want to try this year. Start with a plan for real results. Decide what your goal is in regards to revenue this year and reach for it.

Resolution two: A survey done this past year says that 90% of consumers say that the agent they chose to help them buy a house was influenced by online reviews. Make sure to get recommendations this year, increasing your chances. They're going to look into you, so make sure that every good sale has a good review to go along with it.

Resolution three: Don't forget that your online presence is key. As previously noted, your clients are going to want to research you before contacting. They'll need to see your website or blog that proves to them that you're the one that they want. Make sure to keep it updated.

Resolution four: Respond to every real estate lead.You can streamline a lot of it, but make sure to follow up.

Resolution five: Finally, don't forget that everything is moving towards mobile. The faster you can work, the more business you can handle.

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POSTED December 30 2013 12:18 PM

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