There are many ways to cut energy costs, but tech devices are quickly becoming one of the most effective methods available. These devices not only help cut costs, but they can even make a property more desirable to tenants who also want to save money and improve the environment. Here are five tech devices you should consider to make your property greener, cleaner, and more energy efficient.

Smart Power Strips
Installing smart strips in your properties and in your management office can help reduce the threat of so-called energy vampires. These are devices like laptops, kitchen appliances, TVs, servers, DVD players, and video game consoles that draw electricity even if they’re not turned on. As soon as these devices are plugged into an outlet, your energy bill is ticking up each minute.
Smart power strips like Belkin’s Conserve AV can determine when your TV is off and cut the power to other devices tied to the TV, such as a DVD player or video game console. It can also measure how much energy certain appliances use to identify which devices are costing you the most money.
If you want to really have complete control of your property’s energy usage, you can use the Belkin WeMo Insight switch, which allows you to use your phone to turn off devices in your building, determine energy usage and deliver alerts if a device is still running once you’ve left the building.

Light Control Systems
Lighting can represent a significant energy drain. You may have already installed energy-efficient light bulbs, but using new technology can help you to save even more energy. Consider installing a Maestro Eco-Minder dimmer, which has a built-in timer that shuts off power to your lights after a pre-determined amount of time. It’s excellent for lighting in vestibules and hallways to keep these lights will stay off when not in use. It can even be tied to a bathroom fan unit. The Maestro Eco-Timer uses motion sensors to detect when someone isn’t in the room to dim lights when nobody is at home.

Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats are also an excellent way to save power. One of the most popular is the Nest Learning Thermostat, which tracks your energy habits over time and adjusts temperatures and controls to ensure the most energy efficient settings. You can adjust this thermostat with your smartphone and make changes through its easy-to-use dashboard. In fact, the Environmental Defense Fund indicated that the Nest Learning Thermostat can lead to cost savings and reducing energy demand at peak times.

Property Apps
You may have noticed that many of these devices interface directly with your smartphone. Your smartphone is also a great energy saving device all by itself when it has the right tools. The MyEnergy app can be used on a laptop or tablet and allows you to network with all of your utility accounts in a unique way. It shows all of your water, electricity, and gas usage through colorful charts. It even compares your property’s energy usage to other neighbors in the area, helping you gauge how efficient your property is.

Green Showerheads
To save water, consider the Uji Showerhead. The shower head features a light that turns from green to red when someone has been in the shower too long to create awareness about water conservation. The showerhead has been shown to cut water usage by as much as 12 percent, which can add up quickly over time.

All of these tech devices represent the future of eco-friendly property management. Consider some of these devices for your property, and you’re sure to see the savings add up and more energy-savvy renters show interest in your properties.

POSTED April 09 2015 1:44 PM

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