Almost every aspect of a person's daily life is affected by technology, and in the majority of cases, this makes an individual's day simpler and more manageable. Fortunately, technological advances can make the life of the average landlord easier as well. By using the following programs or gadgets, property managers and landlords alike can simplify a variety of their necessary tasks.

1. Happy Inspector App
One of the most essential aspects of being a landlord is the final property inspection. Unfortunately, this can often prove time-consuming, but the Happy Inspector app, which is currently on iOS and soon to be on Android, makes the entire inspection process much easier.
This app separates all of a landlord's properties, gives reminders on inspection dates and makes inspections easy by allowing for a simple click to rate the condition of every part in a home or apartment. If there is damage to the unit, pictures can be taken directly from the app and saved in the inspection form. This app simplifies one of the most daunting aspects of being a landlord.

2. Property Management Software
Every landlord knows that the process of renting out a property and then keeping up with it can be hectic, but there are online programs that can condense these tasks and even automate some of them. The Landlord Station online suite, for instance, does everything from credit and criminal background checks for potential tenants to providing legal forms that every landlord uses. The site is even mobile friendly to take these and other tools on the go.

3. AppFolio
The AppFolio app handles certain aspects of managing a property that other apps simply didn't think of. The system is web-based, and it allows landlords to manage and market their portfolio. Those who use it should take full advantage of the accounting tools featured, but the program also allows work orders to be emailed and will save any tenant-landlord communications. It's even simple to post and update vacancy ads from within the app.

4. Square
Once Square software is installed on a smartphone, the user only needs to get the free Square card reader. When this gadget and program are used together, it allows a landlord to take rental payments via credit or debit card.
This is an all new world for many property managers since the traditional rental payment method is by sending a check through the mail. Of course, the aforementioned LandLord Station program allows rental payments to be taken online, but for landlords who want to take their initial rental payment and deposit in person, Square is a great option for doing so.

5. AroundMe
Although it wasn't created with landlords or prospective tenants in mind, the AroundMe smartphone app can still be useful for those who are looking to expand their rental portfolio. The app provides in-depth information on all of the attractions and amenities in any given area.
What this means for landlords is that, with just a few simple clicks, they can find out everything they need to know about an area they're considering purchasing property in. The app will ensure there are no surprises related to a community, and in the end, this allows a landlord to know if a specific home is worth their time and money.
There's no doubt that the life of a landlord is a hectic one, but technological advances are constantly changing this long-held belief. By utilizing just a few of the aforementioned tools, property managers can take rental payments, build a stronger portfolio and handle a variety of other tasks that once took all of the fun out of managing properties.

POSTED March 20 2015 11:25 AM

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