Not all marketing tools and techniques cost heaps of money and time. Take social media marketing, for example --  a technique that every property manager can utilize, no matter their experience level or budget. Google+ is one social media tool that not only gives you the benefit of a robust online profile, but also provides you with direct communication to your followers. It also helps to improve your local search marketing efforts, which can garner the strongest leads on tenants.

1.  Using Circles for customer relationship management.
Customer relationship management refers to a system or application that allows you to keep customer data and notes in an easily accessible form. Entrepreneur advocates the Circles feature in Google+ as a great tool for managing those relationships. The Circles feature allows you to categorize followers and people you follow into specific sections, such as prospective tenants or competing landlords, and it also works as a filter through Gmail. You pick and choose which circles to share updates with. This is useful for dividing marketing updates to prospective tenants for different properties, while sending day-to-day information on maintenance and other relevant activities to current tenants.

2. Potential tenant engagement.
Google+ offers the same major benefit that other social media sites do: it lowers the curtain between the landlord and the tenant. Instead of dealing with a faceless property management company, the tenant has direct communication to you through Google+. The Wall Street Journal reports that some landlords also use their social media profiles to help tenants engage with one another in the case of multi-family properties and apartment buildings.

3. Previous tenant reviews.
Google+ has a built-in reviewing system for its business pages. Previous tenants and current tenants can write up a review, giving you a rating and detailing what it's like to live in your property. These reviews also show up on Google searches when local or keyword specific data is pulled up.

4. Improving local search.
Local search marketing is essential to succeed in your tenant search, and Google+'s integration with local search marketing makes it a logical choice to augment these efforts.  reports that in some cases, Google+ profiles rank above property websites, particularly if your website is new and doesn't have a great deal of search presence yet. Marketing Land reports that Google+ business profiles are incorporated into the top search results through the local carousel feature, which displays local business options based on keywords.

5. Providing sticky content.
Potential tenants may take some time to figure out whether they want to move into your property. Sometimes they are looking far in advance of their move, other times they are juggling several options. If you can get them back to your Google+ profile on a regular basis, you can build brand awareness and trust through repeated exposure. One way to do this is to create useful content that gives them an incentive to follow and visit your profile. Write about the local community, events, nearby businesses, or household living tips, and let current tenants provide news on exciting happenings in their lives. This helps to turn your social media profile into more than just an advertising vehicle: it becomes an important and useful page for prospective tenants to engage with you and hopefully become actual tenants.


POSTED January 12 2015 12:41 PM

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