3 of the Top Cities for Rental Investments

When you are looking at investing in rentals, you want to consider cities with the best climates for renting. These cities should be areas that are growing in population as well as income potential. The following three cities have a lot to offer real estate investors. 1. Fort Worth, Texas When you see lists about housing and real estate in Texas, you often see Austin mentioned. However, Fort Worth has a lot to offer investors, especially with the growth of the oil business. More people are ... Read More

Why You Should Consider Investing in The Los Angeles Rental Market

Los Angeles features the type of rental property investments that pay dividends throughout your lifetime. It also represents a market with plenty of growth potential, a high proportion of renters to owners, and strong demand. If you’re interested in LA, you need to understand the data and fundamentals driving growth in this city. Here is a guide to why LA is so hot and even some neighborhoods you should consider when investing in a rental property. The Los Angeles Economy Is Growing a ... Read More

Suing a Landlord for Mold

All across the country, renters are suing landlords for health problems caused by mold. These claims state that toxic mold in the building has caused health problems such as skin irritations, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, cognitive dysfunctions, and breathing problems like asthma. As a landlord, it's important you know what causes mold and how identify it as well as understand what you are responsible for when it comes to mold in a rental property. Common Causes of Mold Mold gro ... Read More

The Hidden Value of Renovations

As an owner of an investment property, it can be tricky to decide how far to go with renovations. When choosing where to invest your renovation dollars, it’s useful to choose projects that will attract high quality tenants. It’s hard to put a dollar value on a tenant who will treat your property with the same care as they would their own property. But landlords know that these tenants add a hidden value to their properties, not only by providing a steady rental income, but also by mi ... Read More

Why Houston, TX is a Top Rental Investment City

In recent years, Houston has become one of the top rental investment cities in the United States. ABC News reported that in 2013 an investor could conceivably recoup a gross yield of 11.2 percent of his initial investment in the first year. In subsequent years the investment potential in the city has risen even higher. As the fourth largest city in the United States, Houston is more than just a thriving metropolis. It has become the gateway to Latin America and the energy capital of the world. I ... Read More

Protecting Yourself Against a Lawsuit With Renter's Insurance

Owning a rental property opens you up to liability, and your job as a smart investor is to mitigate this liability where possible to protect yourself. One way that you can lower your risk of being the target of a lawsuit is by requiring tenants to carry renter's insurance. Avoid the Financial Burden of Injury Claims If your tenant fails to put salt down after it snows and their friend slips while walking up the stairs of your rental property, who would be to blame? While your tenant ma ... Read More

First Impressions Count: The Top Exterior Maintenance Problems, and How to Fix Them

Prospective tenants for your rental property are more likely to sign on the dotted line if units are well maintained. As a property manager, you understand this, which is why you spend money on new carpeting, repainting walls, and keeping hardwood floors in mint condition. But the first impression tenants have doesn’t come from the interior of your rental units. The first thing they see is the exterior, and nothing will kill a deal as quickly as driveway potholes, chipping paint, and ... Read More

When a Tenant Tries to Sue a Landlord for Negligence; What to Know, and How to Prevent

Suing a landlord for negligence is a long and difficult-to-prove legal process. Negligence on the part of landlords and property managers is basically defined as a failure to conduct prompt inspections, repairs, or maintenance in a property and/or building. If a tenant can show that a landlord or property manager willfully failed to carry out his rental agreement with his tenant," then he or she is guilty of negligence. However, being sued for negligence is dependent on many factors, and th ... Read More

Why San Francisco Continues To Be A Top City For Rental Property Investors

San Francisco is arguably one of the hottest rental markets in the entire country, and for good reason. With a booming economy, hip neighborhoods, newcomers constantly streaming in, and a vibrant culture, demand couldn’t be higher. There’s a mountain of data that shows San Francisco is one of the country’s leaders when it comes to fetching high rents, and also plenty of evidence that supports continued growth going into the future. If you’re interested in seeking out new ... Read More

What You Should Look For When Choosing Real Estate CRM Software

The business of real estate can often get messy. There are countless bits of paperwork, different properties to manage, repairs to make, tax records to keep safe, and new tenants to review. While some landlords don’t believe much in technology, it’s important to understand how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can completely transform the way you do manage your real estate, connect with new tenants, and keep on top of the needs of current tenants. Here are what features ... Read More

Are you missing out on energy efficiency grants

There is a lot of pressure on landlords right now to ensure that their properties are at optimal energy efficiency. In New York, a city of creaky old buildings often in need of repair, Mayor de Blasio launched a program to encourage private landlords to improve their buildings, with a $3.5 million grant helping to fund the Building Energy Exchange, a resource center for those looking for help. Landlords can choose to make these upgrades... for now. The announcement contained some dark hints abou ... Read More

How To Secure a Tax Break For Your Property With Energy Saving Upgrades

Making upgrades to your rental property that are energy efficient can cut down on ongoing costs, but the savings don't stop there. Tax benefits connected to the installation of upgrades like solar panels, wind power, and green roofs can cut down on the cost of installing equipment and appliances. These upgrades will not only reduce your energy bill, but they will also make your property more attractive to prospective tenants. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act The 2009 American ... Read More

5 must-have Android apps for landlords

Smartphones these days can be all kinds of things, from personal assistants to sophisticated business management tools. If you carry an Android phone with you, then you'll need these apps to turn your device into a high-powered mobile office. 1. Google Now You may know this as "the thing my phone keeps trying to authorize every time I use Google." Google Now can be a little insistent about elbowing its way into your life, but it will change your life when you start using it. ... Read More

Accounting best practices for property managers with multiple owners

In today's diverse business world, it is not unusual for real estate to have multiple owners that have partnered together to purchase one property. The owners may be friends, family or just business partners. Each owner wants an accounting of the monthly checks and bills that come in and go out for the property they own; they want to rest assured that money is being well spent and the property adequately managed. Each owner also wants to feel that he or she is successfully doing their part t ... Read More

From Listing to End of Lease: How Landlords Can Do Everything Electronically

The life of a landlord once involved doing everything in person. From putting up "For Rent" signs to speaking with contractors, handling property management was a time-consuming process. While being a landlord still requires a ton of work, almost everything can now be done electronically. In fact, using just the following tools can simplify a property manager's work immensely. Listing the Property The first part of renting out a property involves getting the home or apartment ... Read More

How The Legal System Helps When Tenants Skip Out On Rent

When a former tenant disappears while owing you money, there are a couple of things you need to do before you can collect on the debt: find out where they live and get the court to issue a money judgment against them. Once you’ve obtained the new address and a money judgment, you’re in a much better position to take action and collect what is owed. The legal system provides several solutions for landlords trying to collect unpaid debts from their tenants, including these four options ... Read More

Three Ways To Track A Deadbeat Ex-Tenant

As a landlord, you may face many challenges when managing your rental properties. One of the most frustrating challenges is recovering money that is owed to you if a tenant leaves and hasn’t paid their rent. Tracking down deadbeat ex-tenants can seem like a lot of trouble, but the money they owe is lost income that you deserve to be paid, so don’t give up too quickly. Even if they didn’t leave a forwarding address, you can still track down non-paying ex-tenants if you use these ... Read More

Guide to Security Deposits: 5 Things Landlords (and Tenants) Should Know

Security deposits can trigger the age-old “he said, she said” debate in landlord and tenant relationships. While the onus is on the tenant to preserve their rights to their money by documenting the condition of the property when they moved in, it is still the responsibility of the landlord to implement best practices in their dealings with tenants. Here are five things both landlords and tenants should be aware of when it comes to security deposits: 1. Get it in Writing One of ... Read More

5 must-have iOs apps for landlords

iPhones can be immensely useful for helping to run any business, and property management is no exception. Within the App Store, you'll find tools to help you organize your day, perform essential management tasks and get the best out of the properties you own. Let's take a look at five apps every landlord should have installed on their iOS device to make the job easier. 1. 24Me If you can't afford to hire your own personal assistant, don't worry! Your iPhone or iPad can be t ... Read More

1031 “Like kind” exchanges

A 1031 exchange, also known as a “Starker” or “like kind exchange,” refers to the swap of one asset for another. While it is most often used in real estate, the 1031 can apply to just about any business or investment asset. The 1031 allows for the changing of a form of investment without ever cashing it out and receiving a gain, allowing it to keep growing tax-deferred. Within the 1031 criteria, there’s often no tax payment required, or just limited tax. There is no ... Read More

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