A tenant in San Fransisco has been renting a room through Airbnb and was given 30 minutes to leave the premise instead of the traditional 30 days notice. Beth Rifkin, a freelance writer, had been staying at Ernest Thayer's five-bedroom house for seventy-five days, and therefore had assumed that she was considered a long-term tenant and fell under the same rules as other tenants in San Fransisco. When she fell behind on her rent (multiple times, according to the landlord) Thayer called Airbnb for help on how to get her out of his home. He stated that Ms Rifkin had fallen behind on her rent multiple times and wouldn't ask for an extension until she was already behind. Airbnb's customer service told him to call the police and report her for trespassing. She was given 30 minutes to gather her things and leave or they would arrest her.

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POSTED June 09 2014 11:58 AM

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