People come from all walks of life into the real estate business, some through a straight path to it and others taking their time to get there. Your past helps shape you and teach you valuable lessons that help in the present. If you began with a goal in real estate or happen to find yourself there now, there are a few things that help in every line of work and can help you find yourself on the right track in this one.
Make yourself agreeable. You are not going to be right at every turn, so make sure to give others' ideas consideration. You'll always want to be kind and play nice with people. Understand that you will fail at points in your career, and it's not about how badly you do this, it's about learning from it and moving on from there. Always let people know you've heard them and you're working on the problem. You may not have a solution right away, but never leave them wondering. Support those around you. You don't always have to take over, but make sure those that are there to help have the support that they require.

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POSTED January 10 2014 12:37 PM

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