Anne Peterson: Landlord does not want to rent to young singles

A landlord in New York wrote to Anne Peterson to ask about the legality of avoiding young, single renters. She states that this has been her practice for a time now in her four-unit complex because she worries over the parties that might be thrown and unexpected guests on the property. She states that she only rents to young singles if no other renter is available. One of her tenants is now claiming discrimination due to this practice, as she is one of the only young singles that was allowed to rent from the landlord - due to no one else applying at the time - and the landlord will not consider a friend of hers for the apartment.
The response was that yes, the landlord was discriminating based on age and marital status. These are two protected classes according to the law and a landlord may now show favor to someone based on these.

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POSTED November 25 2013 1:47 PM

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