Ask a real estate pro: Explore all possibilities for mortgage relief

Gary Singer, a board-certified real estate lawyer, gives some advice on what to look out for when trying to save your home from foreclosure. He advises that while you should not limit your options when looking for a way to save your home, that homeowners should be careful to read the fine print and make sure that various programs will allow you to reach out to others as well before you do. Also, he encourages homeowners that, though they should wait until an official denial is received, they should always apply again if denied, as the qualifications for the various programs are subject to change and you may become qualified between one denial and your next attempt.

Most lenders, he says, are willing to work with you to get your payment to something you can afford, even if they will not offer principal reductions. He encourages home owners to have realistic expectations, but to keep trying.

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POSTED October 04 2013 11:35 AM

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