How to Avoid Terrible Tenants and What to do if They Make it Past Your Screenings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAScreening tenants will always be the first step to avoiding terrible tenants. While good credit and decent recommendations may not grantee the best outcome, it certainly is a good starting place. It will help you work through the (hopefully) many applications you receive for your property and allow you to narrow it down to a collection of promising applicants that would be a great fit. You're likely looking for a good credit score, a clean criminal and eviction record, and high recommendations from prior landlords (it's always best to go back two landlords, if not three to get honest answers). Call employers and call other references if they're provided. Do your homework to cut down on the nightmare scenario of a bad tenant.

What do we mean by a 'bad tenant'? This could mean a variety of things and it might mean something else to different landlords. It could be someone that nags too much and calls at all hours, or it could be a tenant that pays rent late consistently or doesn't pay at all. At least these scenarios are ones that are easily noticed, but the ones you may need to watch out for are the quiet tenants that never complain, but their homes are complete wrecks. They may be hoarders or simply didn't clean once in the year that they've been there. It doesn't matter why if you walk in to do your final inspection and find that the property is trashed.

If you do land yourself with a terrible tenant that wrecks your property it could be pricy to get it back into shape, depending on how badly they damaged it. You can cut down on some of these costs by repairing some of the damage yourself, but some of it will likely have to be handed over to a contractor.
POSTED July 09 2014 9:54 AM

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