Can landlord be liable for property manager's unlawful action?

Michael JastremskiAs a landlord you may choose to hire a property manager to take some of the burden off of you. If you do, always remember that you are liable as the property owner for what that management firm does while in your employ. If any of the fair housing laws are broken it is likely that it will come back to you as well as the property management company. In the end, you are ultimately responsible for those that you hire and how they treat the tenants in your properties.
There are steps that you can take to try to avoid any potential problems down the way. First and foremost you should make sure that your employees are aware of the most up-to-date laws. When you first hire them you may wish to bring a lawyer in to update them on any laws that they will need to follow. It is also a good practice to require them to attend a seminar or fair in the area so that they can brush up on any changes each year and stay current. Finally, if you receive a complaint from a tenant about the property managers, take it seriously. You always want to follow up on these so that you can make sure everything is running as smoothly as you'd like it to.

POSTED March 12 2014 9:14 AM

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