Just because an eviction notice is given does not automatically mean that the tenant will be forcibly removed. There are several ways that the process of removing a tenant by the eviction process may be canceled before the end of it.
There is a certain process for evictions that must be followed. A written notice that includes the date the tenant must move out by and the reason for the eviction. If the tenant does not leave, the landlord is required by law to wait the noted time before filing for an eviction suit in the courts.
There are different types of eviction notices. Some are conditional, some unconditional. A conditional eviction clearly states that the tenant has done something and it will need to be fixed or they will need to leave. If the tenant is able to complete what needs to be done, the eviction can be canceled. An unconditional eviction is a notice that they simply must leave at the end of the stated time period. Local laws may dictate how long this period of time is.

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POSTED January 27 2014 1:25 PM

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