There are laws in place in every state to protect both tenants and landlords. A landlord cannot simply throw a tenant out to the streets on a whim and the tenant is not allowed to just leave and stick the landlord with the bill. California law, specifically, does allow the tenant to provide notice if they'd like to move out early, but that doesn't mean that they automatically are free of their obligation to pay the rent that they've agreed to for the lease duration.

States vary on the number of days required to provide notice that the tenant is leaving, but if you've detailed how many days that you'd like to have notice in the lease, this will override the state law. The tenant, even if they are moving out early, is required to pay rent.

A tenant may leave the property if the landlord has not taken care of repairs that make it uninhabitable. Make sure to address repairs in a timely fashion.

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POSTED January 30 2014 10:53 AM

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