Can you be a buy-to-let landlord and still be ethical?

In England, the question has been raised on how landlords can best hold onto their morals. The complaint is that landlords are buying up properties and forcing those that might have otherwise bought the property to rent instead.

Even with complaints, many are not financially set to buy property and would rent anyway. Landlords often avoid those that come to them wishing to rent with housing benefits from the British government, though some are finding that those tenants, while they cannot pay market rent prices, are willing to stay longer, in turn keeping their properties occupied and the pay from them steady.

Some landlords, to avoid buying properties out from under those that wish to buy and live in them with their families, have taken to buying and fixing up otherwise uninhabitable properties.

"It rings of inequality; it's absolutely disgusting that this unfairness is allowed to pervade our society." "My heart goes out to any families at the mercy of these parasites, whose sole qualification is that they can outbid you for a mortgage deposit." Judging by these and other online ...

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POSTED September 23 2013 2:04 PM

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