Celebs Who Lost Big In 2013's Real Estate Game

Even celebrities can lose in the real estate game, and several did in this past year. Nine big names stand out when looking back.
Katy Perry bought a mansion in California for $6.5M in 2011. At the time, she and her now ex-husband Russell Brand had planned to move in and use it as their home, but the couple split and Perry was forced to sell it for less than she'd paid: $5.65M.
Reese Witherspoon bought her home her ranch in California in 2008 and was even able to use it as her wedding venue in 2011. At the time, she paid $5.8M for it. She listed it for sale in 2013 for $10M, but she was forced to cut the price several times before finally selling it for nearly a million less than she'd paid for it.
Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his Chicago mansion for some time now. the original price tag attached to it was $29M, but over time it was cut down and then put up for auction, all failing to find the right buyer. It's currently back on the market.
Andie McDowell lost $25,000 on her home that she lived in for only nine months. Hillary Duff lost even more at taking a $30,000 hit on her home this year, though she'd owned it since 2008.

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POSTED January 15 2014 10:46 AM

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