Code Enforcement Office Cracks Down On Uniontown Landlord

The landlord of several Pennsylvanian properties feels he's been unfairly targeted by a code enforcement officer and some of his tenants agree. The weather has turned cold and Scott Chappel, a Uniontown Code Enforcement Officer, has issued several violations that say the homes are unsafe. This might turn the tenants out into the cold and out of their homes during the holiday season. Some tenants were told that their furnaces weren't up to code, and one said that their bathroom ceiling looked ready to fall in. They were told if the landlord didn't fix the problem in two days, the homes would be condemned and the tenants turned out.
The landlord in question, Russell Mechling, told the news station that Chappel should have approached him about the issues instead of going straight to the violations. He said that there had never been a problem with the furnaces and they'd all been deemed operational.
As it stands, the violations have been taken down and the homes deemed safe and habitable, the question remaining if there was ever any danger to begin with. Chappel stand by the fact that he says he was doing his job, and will continue doing just that.

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POSTED December 10 2013 2:17 PM

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