In Washington DC, the list of people that are waiting to obtain a Section Eight voucher is pretty long, to the tune of 70,000 people long. In April of this year, the Housing Authority stopped adding names to the list. Some argue that while families with children, the elderly, and those with disabilities are waiting to get on this list - or now can't get on it at all - individuals currently have access to these vouchers that are breaking the laws and are destroying property, but because of the extremes that must be met to kick them out of the program, they remain, while others sit on a list and wait.

Though it's been met with some complaint, the rules are changing. Now if an individual is convicted of anything having to do with a drug-related crime (not just a felony) they can be kicked out of the program. Granted, there will be a thirty day period in which the Housing Authorities will alert them that they've been terminated from it, with the possibility that they can request a hearing. It will still, in theory, be quicker than the options that landlords have had at their disposal before.

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POSTED October 31 2013 10:01 AM

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