apartment3Many laws are made with good intentions behind them, but some of the more strenuous laws that are meant to help protect tenants go as far as to hurt landlords and even keep would-be landlords from renting out their properties. Some cities have tougher laws than others, with San Fransisco, New York City, and Washington DC leading the way, and in these cities part of the problem with certain tenants finding a place to live may just be the laws themselves.

Property owners that may have become landlords shy away from doing so when eviction becomes near to impossible, even when a person will not pay rent. Those that do choose to rent out their property then become incredibly picky over their tenants because those that might be on the line between good and bad tenants may use the laws to their complete advantage and leave the landlord swallowing a huge bill in the process. This makes it more difficult for lower-income families and tenants to find housing that is affordable to them. They may make an excellent tenant, no one can predict the future with 100% certainty, but in a city with incredibly strict laws that favor the tenant almost entirely, a landlord is going to be much more selective when it comes to their choice in who they rent to and it's likely to make it very difficult for even those on that line to find a place that they can afford.

Check out the opinion piece from Bloomberg View here.
POSTED May 30 2014 11:34 AM

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