Embattled landlord Colville could be facing criminal charges

In Fall River, Massachusetts, many of David Colville's properties are being shut down and the landlord himself is facing criminal charges because of the neglect to the properties. Three more properties have recently been shutdown after multiple sanitary and fire code violations, leaving people homeless in the wake of the events. Other buildings were inspected and sited with violations, but were allowed to remain open temporarily. The report will likely go before the Board of Health within the next week.

Some of these many issues that have been found with these properties are hypodermic needles that have been left lying along the ground that children may step on - Colville is being criminally charged with child endangerment - and even a case of a tenant leaving a taxi cab, walking into the property and returning with a gun to rob the cab driver.

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POSTED October 18 2013 11:49 AM

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