Facebook and Yahoo CEOs buying up Palo Alto real estate in bulk

Mark Zuckerberg has a habit of setting trends in the tech world, and apparently real estate is not to be left out. The young CEO of Facebook has bought three homes around his own, citing that it was due to his wish for privacy. He fears that if he does not own the properties, real estate agents might try to market the homes as being next door to him, compromising his privacy. He now owns four homes in one of the priciest neighborhoods in the US, spending $30M in all.

If it's truly a trend Zuckerberg is setting or not, it may be too early to say, but Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has bought a property just a short distance from her own home. When Palo Alto's oldest funeral home when on the market, she laid down $11.2 million for it. It's unclear what her plans are for the property.

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POSTED November 06 2013 12:01 PM

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