studyThe Fair Housing Laws cover a variety of discriminatory situations to assure tenants that they have a right to be treated fairly by landlords and property managers. As a landlord or property manager, it is your job to know these laws and abide by them. You may not choose to deny a tenant that is protected by these laws (for example, you may not choose to not rent to an applicant due to their religion, race, or family status, just to name a few examples). The law goes as far as to say that you may be required to make reasonable changes and to accommodate certain applicants if they have a disability - once again, within reason - according to these laws.

If a tenant has a disability you may be required to make exceptions to various policies that you might not have to for other tenants. You may have to allow for a service animal without charging them a pet fee or accommodate them with a unit in a certain place in the complex if it's available. Check your federal and local laws to make sure you are in line with them so that you do not accidentally discriminate against a tenant and break the law.

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