documentsNo two renters will be exactly alike, and in today's real estate market, many people are choosing to rent for the first time rather than buy a new property. They may have moved for a new job or simply needed to sell their home before they found themselves underwater with it. There are countless possibilities, but it's always good to remember that those that have never rented a property before likely will not approach it as those that are seasoned renters. If they're young, fresh from school and the dorms or their parents' home, they may know even less than someone coming from home ownership and while this certainly doesn't mean that they are unintelligent, they may need some direction. It's always good to spell everything out in detail.

A good practice to sit down with any new tenant and go over some of the rules that they're expected to follow, but this is essential with new renters. They are used to living in a space that is entirely theirs. They haven't had to keep a no-pet rule or any other clauses that you might have in your lease. Make sure that everything is easily accessible to them and that they know that you have an open line of communication. That way they will know when it is appropriate to reach out and when it isn't.

A welcome packet is a great way to bring a new tenant in. This will have everything that they need so they may access it quickly. Highlight the rules, contact information, office hours, emergency numbers, etc etc... Let them know what day rent is due, what day it is considered late, and what they will be charged for each day they are late.

Check out this list of things that you'll want every tenant to know from BiggerPockets!

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