Flagler Village in the Keys becomes part of a residential housing trend to ban smoking

There's a growing trend of multi-unit housing implementing non-smoking rules. Some are only inside the units, but others, like Flagler Village in the Keys, have put a ban on the entire property. A study shows that a little over 17% of Florida's adult population smoke, so there's been some opposition in regards to the changing rules. Mitzy Cordova, the manager of the affordable housing community, says that she has received plenty of good feedback from the new rule, including a mother of a newborn that wants to keep her child safe from second-hand smoke. Eighteen of the forty-nine units had tenants that smoked when the ban took effect, and some have sworn they won't stop even with the ban. Others, like Wayne Sepanik, do not smoke, but feel that rights have been compromised by the ban. Some tenants have taken this as an opportunity to quit smoking, like Dale Parsons who has smoked for the last fifty years.
There are mixed opinions about smoking bans, but the law rests on the side of the property owners. The trend is picking up, as tourists find it difficult to find hotels and resorts in the area that allow them to smoke in the room. Some apartment complexes are adding the 'non-smoking' rule as an amenity, like a gym on property.

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POSTED January 09 2014 11:08 AM

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