Hamilton family is sickened by hidden mold infestation that their landlord allegedly covered up

A family in Hamilton, NJ, found that after they moved into their newly rented home that their health began to suffer. The Harley family, two children under ten, the two parents, and a grandmother, found that their immune systems had been compromised. They visited doctor after doctor, trying to find the source, and one day Kelly Harley found mold growing in the basement of the house. After investigating, neighbors informed Kelly that the house had been flooded at one point with up to four feet of water in the basement. The landlord, Rajinder Chawla, swore to her that he'd taken care of the matter, but as time went on it turned out that his idea of taking care of it was simply painting over the mold after the last tenants had complained.
The Harley family hired professionals to come in and test the air in their home, finding high levels of mold all through the house, especially in the vents and where the children played. Kelly even believes that the high levels of mold may have led to serious health problems that have caused her to be hospitalized since she moved into the property and possibly also to the death of their family dog who used to sleep next to the vents.
The family was forced to move out due to the health issues, but could not take their things with them because they had become infested with mold. Chawla would like to kick them out entirely, but the family worries that he will just try to cover up the problems again and another family would be harmed by it.

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POSTED December 17 2013 1:04 PM

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