A trailer park owner in California has come under pressure when an investigation by Eyewitness News discovered that he had been handwriting his addendums to add on to the leases. These weren't just any addendums, either, but in Jesse Costa's case it was a request that, upon his death, all of his property should be turned over to Richard and Gloria Rodriguez, the landlords.
When questioned about this, Richard Rodriguez said that he did not mean to offend the tenant that had been told by doctors that he had only months to live, but was thinking of the high costs that he would occur if no one claimed the man's property upon his death. He told reporters it could cost them around $1500 to dispose of the trailer, so he was trying to settle everything before the tenant's death. Rodriguez says he will no longer be adding this as a handwritten note, but instead insert it as a clause in the lease from now on.

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POSTED November 27 2013 12:58 PM

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