Haunted real estate: Realtor recalls frightening experiences as a newbie

Bernice Ross, a contributor on Inman News says that she's seen some spooky things in her career as a real estate agent. Between doorbells being rung without a finding anyone there, strange smells in a car that only she has owned, unplugged radios playing a tune without anyone reaching to turn it on, and showing a house in which there had been a murder, you might think she has some strange and bizarre stories. The one that tops them all, she says, is one that dates back to when she was working on her doctorate. The house belonged to a friend and the odd things that happened while she lived there never seemed to stop. The first major event was the fact that her husband went mad while living there, finally running off after giving a loan company a warranty deed on the home in exchange for money.

Lights flickered, furniture moved when no one was home, and a window would vibrate until either woman would lay a hand against it and tell it to stop. Ross' friend, the home's owner, tried to sell it at one point and then and after overcoming the issue of the warranty deed that her ex-husband had put on the home, the officer in control of the escrow account she'd opened to sell it died of a heart attack, the officer at the title company handling it suffered a heart attack as well, and the gentleman that had made the offer on the house was suddenly paralyzed to the point that he had to go on disability and no longer qualified for the loan. As soon as the escrow account was closed he made a full recovery.

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POSTED October 28 2013 1:29 PM

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