'My home is my castle': 4 tips for understanding Americans' unique real estate needs

Global real estate investors and American real estate investors tend to have a very different approach to the market. With a growing number of foreign investors buying up property in the United States, it is helpful for a real estate agent to understand this and to make accommodations for the cultural differences where they need to. Knowing the differences will help you close more deals.
Americans have a unique outlook on real estate in many cases. Safety is one of the top concerns for most American buyers. Americans often want the highest level of security for their homes, cars, and any place that they will be. While this is true for most, it's even more so for the untrawealthy in the country. They are often less comfortable with their home being put on certain feeds and photos being taken in excess.
Americans, as well as many other cultures, want to feel as if they have control over the situation. As a real estate agent, this means that you'll need to provide alternatives to what they want in a way that allows the client to feel they are in charge. You may lay out the options - the ones that you know are the only options that they have at that point - but make sure to ask if they see any other alternatives to the ones that you see.
As opposed to other cultures that often buy food fresh every day, Americans tend to like to store their food for weeks and sometimes longer. This means that kitchens should reflect that need and want and will for American buyers over others. The bigger-is-better outlook extends to all parts of the property in many cases.

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POSTED January 27 2014 1:25 PM

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