Hostel Environments: Rent-Stabilized Tenant Facing Eviction for AirBnBing Terrace

New York City has been battling the subletting trend that has been coming about through sites like AirBnB for a while now, but it's taken an interesting turn in the case of Penn South resident David Shea. Shea rented out his private terrace through the site (and others like it), and now claims that he did so because his therapist said that taking in guests might help him fight his problems with depression and isolation. Even so, the co-op board is in the process of evicting him. While AirBnB helped fight a similar lawsuit and won, there is a key difference here: Mr Shea's home is rent-stabilized. If it became a trend for rent-stabilized tenants to sublet for profit, it could cause a large problem for the city.
Shea has been fighting the eviction by representing himself, but is currently looking fro a pro bono lawyer to take the case.

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POSTED December 03 2013 1:57 PM

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