Houston's biggest landlord responsible for neighborhood problems

Richard Lee Pfirman of Houston, Texas is the largest owner of single-family properties in the city - numbering 361 properties - is being sued individually by Homeowners' Associations, various tenants, and the city of Houston. The complaint is that many of his properties are not up to code. Nearly a year ago a judge told Pfirman that he needed to either fix or completely demolish fourteen of these properties because they were noted as well below the acceptable health standards. So far he has only demolished three of those houses and sold one, so the judge has issued stiffer penlites if he does not comply by early next year. There are some 520 active violations filed against his properties currently, ranging from trashy yards to structural damaged that appeared to be caused by "explosion or fire." One tenant claims that when she moved into the property, after paying the necessary fees, she found that it had no electrical wiring at all.

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POSTED November 21 2013 11:33 AM

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