How to Be a Good Landlord

While not all disputes between landlords and tenants can be resolved easily, there are a few things that the landlord can do on their end to help make the situation more comfortable. The first step is the find the best tenants possible. Make sure to take the time and the energy to make sure that the people that will live in your property have a good record by performing tenant screenings and reference checks. Once you do find a tenant that you believe will be good, respect their time and boundaries. You should always strive to give proper notice before entering the property. Repairs, even the smaller ones, should always be done in a timely manner.

As much as being a good landlord will ease the relationship, so will being a good tenant. A landlord will be less worried if rent is on time and the property well cared for. By respecting each other, the relationship can be much smoother.

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POSTED October 03 2013 10:09 AM

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