Questions often arise over Housing Choice Vouchers (formerly known as Section 8 housing) and the laws that are attached to tenants with these vouchers. Most rental units can be rented out to Section 8 applicants, but the landlord must abide by certain guidelines set up by HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development).

A landlord may screen a potential tenant with a Housing Choice Voucher as they would anyone who did not participate in the program. HUD determines the individual's eligibility for the program, but the landlord may turn them down as long as the reason does not violate local and federal laws such as making the decision on race, sex, marital status, etc etc... The landlord still has a choice as to whom they'd like as a tenant even if they are participating in the program.

The same fees may be charged to a HCV tenant, including security deposit and pet-related fees. The main detour from traditional tenants will be how the rent is paid. HUD will send the amount that they agree to pay at the first of every month. The tenant will be responsible for an excess beyond what HUD has agreed to pay.

The property will be inspected each year to make sure it is up to par with HUD's requirements for a unit in their system. There are certain requirements that will be listed out.

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