In Red Hill, Pennsylvania, a landlord is fighting back against the city that closed his rental down. The city's 'one-strike' rule has become very controversial as many believe it is unfairly punishing landlords for crimes that may be out of their control. The new rule states that the city may shut a rental property down for six months if a drug-related or weapon-related crime happens on the premise. The law was passed in September in hopes of fighting back against a wave of violent crimes in the city.
The landlord, Adam Peters, is requesting that the city-ordained shutdown of his property is repealed, saying that he had no way to know that there was drug activity on the property. He had received no complaints from either neighbors or the police and the individual who was arrested was not on the lease, but actually the boyfriend of his tenant. His lawyer is fighting the constitutionality of the sentence.

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POSTED November 20 2013 1:02 PM

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