Your Landlord Probably Hates You... Here's Why

Landlords and tenants will not always get along, but there are certain things that either party can do to smooth over the rough edges and ease the relationship strains so that everyone is happier in it. There are things that tenants do that they see nothing wrong with, but it may drive their landlord up the wall. Brandon Turner of BiggerPockets offers some advice from his own experiences.
Non-emergency phone calls should wait until business hours. Turner received a call at four in the morning with a frantic tenant saying that there was water everywhere and it was leaking from the sink. Obviously he rushed over to the house to help with this, assuming that it was just as the tenant had described. Not exactly. A pipe had come loose, but there was no great rush of water. In fact, it only dripped a bit when the tenant did the dishes. Apparently the tenant had decided to do the dishes at four in the morning.
On the other end of the spectrum, ongoing issues should not be ignored. A tenant should never think that they're helping the landlord out by just ignoring a growing problem. If there's a slow water leak, wait until a reasonable hour, but let the landlord or property manager know. If they don't know they can't fix it and it could end up costing them much more than it would have to have fixed it when it first began.
Finally, a tenant should never assume that rent is optional. Landlords have mortgages and other bills to pay on the property and the vendors and loan holders won't make exceptions for them, so the tenant shouldn't assume that they'll receive one just because they want to splurge on something else. If a real issue does come up, a tenant should always contact the landlord over it so that they're not caught by surprise.

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POSTED December 11 2013 2:33 PM

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