Security deposits can be a very difficult point. A landlord should always look to be able to give the deposit back, because that means that the received their property in fantastic condition at the point of move-out. Communication is a great way to reduce headaches from this point in the rental period. At the beginning of the lease, make sure the tenant knows exactly what's expected from them. There are certain basics that everyone should know, but that doesn't mean that they do. It's better to spell it out rather than find out that your assumptions and theirs were not matching up. Walk-throughs also help reduce potential issues. Think about offering to do a walk through a few weeks before the move-out date so that they have time to fix things that they can/should, and then do another one upon move-out. This way they will not be surprised if there are any deductions. Also, if deductions are made, make sure to detail them out and provide receipts if possible. That way you show that each deduction is justified.

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POSTED October 14 2013 2:35 PM

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