Landlord Repairs: When To Do It Yourself

In life, some things that you can do yourself are made easier by handing over a bit of money and letting a professional do it. It can save time and effort on it, but there are times, if you're willing to put forth the effort, that you can learn to handle it yourself. Granted, if you have a property management firm that takes care of your property, they'll call the repair man every time, but if your property is near you and you have the initiative, there are a surprisingly large number of resources to pull from to teach yourself how to repair quite a few things that might break in the rental property. It may take time, but as you continue to learn and continue to fix, that time is narrowed down and you'll be able to gain even more experience to pull from on the next project.
The internet has opened up a range of options for learning how to handle various tasks when you manage your own property. YouTube provides educational videos, specialty forums can help answer hard-to-answer questions, and social media opens up the possibilities even wider. In the end, it comes down to if you believe you'll save more by saving your time and hiring someone, of if it will save you more in the long run to do it yourself.

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POSTED November 19 2013 10:35 AM

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