Landlord wants to keep security deposit of 'trouble' tenants

When a tenant leaves a home, the landlord is required to provide their deposit back as long as it's left in good condition. The landlord may not keep the deposit just because the tenants caused trouble while they were there, but it may be a good learning point to take what happened with the tenants and try to head off similar problems with any future tenants through the language of the lease.

In a separate issue, a new landlord finds that an eviction that he feels is justified was thrown out by a judge due to the improper rout being taken when trying to file. Instead of hiring someone to deliver the papers to the tenant, the landlord delivered them himself, thus losing yet another month's rent - the tenant was already three behind - due to mistakenly not following the precise law.

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POSTED November 14 2013 12:49 PM

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