Landlord's Guide to Written Tenant Notice Letters

Sometimes there are situations in which a landlord is forced to approach a serious situation such as a pay or quit or if they are terminating the lease. This should always be done in writing, as is required by all state laws. Before approaching something like this, make sure you are aware of what your specific state requires and make sure not miss any of the details. If you do, it may cause trouble down the road if you are attempting to evict the tenant.
Method of delivery can be just as important as what is written in the letter. Delivering it to the tenant personally is preferable, even if they will not accept it. You may also hand it to a fellow tenant or tack it to their door, but in both cases you will need to send a copy via certified mail as well. In all cases, you should keep careful documentation as to what you've sent and when. These records may be needed if it comes to an eviction.

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POSTED November 13 2013 12:12 PM

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