Landlords run tenant background checks and screening no only to protect themselves, but also to protect other tenants that they rent to. It allows them to know who they are renting to. They can obtain a wide range of information from these checks such as a history of evictions, public records that are available, and the person's credit history, showing if they've had a history of paying their debts on time or not. This can help the landlord make the appropriate assessment on if they believe the potential tenant will pay rent on time and take care of the property during the duration of their stay there.

The first step to checking into a potential tenant's background is to gather information. This can range from their name and birthday to following up with contacts and references. Important information to look for in the collection of data is current and previous employment, current income, previous landlord's contact information, and the number of occupants that will be living in the unit.

The next step is to run a credit check on the individual. There are federal and local laws that dictate certain actions to be taken, so make sure you are aware of those before diving in. A credit check can help you see late payments that were made, bankruptcy information, and various other pieces of data that help you make your decision if you have faith that the applicant will be a good tenant or not. The background check helps you to have a better understanding of any criminal or eviction history that they may have.

Finally, if everything checks out, you'll want to follow up with previous landlords. This can help you gain understanding about the person, no just as they appear on paper, but as their former landlord had experience with them. They may be privy to information such as late rent, any complaints from neighbors, and damage done to the property.

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