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listWhen an applicant becomes a tenant and signs the lease, it's a good practice to offer them a walk through to check for any damage or spots that they'd like to make note of. This will help you know if any maintenance needs to be done (that had been missed before or that you hadn't been alerted of) and will allow them the peace of mind to know that you know exactly what the conditions of the move-in are. You may offer to accompany them on the walk-through or simply request that they provide you with a detailed checklist of the rooms in their new property so that you have a good idea of how they feel they've received the property. Even if you've been through the property while preparing it for your new tenant, you may have overlooked something after seeing it. Walking through this together is often a good idea so that you're both on the same page. If there's a small stain on the carpet that they're not worried about getting cleaned off and it's not worth replacing the entire carpet for, at least you'll have a record of it so that you know this tenant is not responsible for it upon move out.

Walk through each the unit room by room, marking anything out of the ordinary. Photos go a long way and can help document the move-in status of the property. If you have an online tenant portal (like the one that LandlordStation provides) your tenants can take photos of anything they feel is not up to par and send them through the portal for you to look at. This will help you get a better idea of exactly what they're talking about and the extent of how it needs to be handled.

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